Today’s university experience leads to rewarding careers and bright futures. Here at UniversityWorks, students and employers from across Canada talk about the benefits of co-op and paid internship opportunities.

Workplace experience hones leadership skills

Carleton student Yannick D’Mello’s internship at Institut national de la recherche scientifique provided him unique opportunities, from running his own project to mentoring fellow students.

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Quick Facts


Ready for careers

Half of university undergraduate students benefit from career-readiness learning experiences.

More university co-op programs

59 Canadian universities provide more than 1,000 co-op programs.

25% growth in co-op students

The number of university students participating in co-op programs has grown by 25% in the past seven years.

30-40% higher salaries

Salaries for newly hired university graduates with work-integrated learning experiences are 30% to 40% higher than for graduates without those kinds of experiences.

Co-op program participation

65,000 university students were involved in co-op programs in 2013.

Employer involvement

More than three-quarters of large Canadian employers hire co-op students through partnerships with one or more universities, polytechnics or colleges.

Co-op students add value to companies

Four out of five employers surveyed say co-op and internship students are a source of new talent and potential future employees.

“They’re definitely more employable... When you’ve got some really solid work experience there’s less risk as an employer in hiring them.”
Jeff Weiss, president, Harbinger


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President’s perspective

President’s perspective

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