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Developing essential skills

The core skills of writing, debate and analysis that Nick Iannitti developed in university have served him well in his career.

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Quick Facts


3.7% unemployment

Just 3.7% of Canadians with bachelor’s degrees and 3.8% with master’s degrees earned in Canada were unemployed in 2010–11.

810,000 new jobs

From July 2008 to July 2013, the net increase in new jobs for university graduates was 810,000. The available jobs for those with no postsecondary education decreased by 540,000 during the same period.

50% hands-on learning

More than half of today’s students take part in at least one co-op experience, practicum, internship or field placement during their undergraduate years.

$1.3M advantage

During their careers university graduates will, on average, earn $1.3 million more than those with a high-school education alone.

39% women

39% of graduates aged 23-34 with science and technology degrees are women, up from 23% among science and technology graduates in the 55-64 age bracket.

4/10 debt-free

Four out of ten students graduate debt-free. Among those students who do graduate with debt, 30% owe less than $12,000.

1 million

More than one million Canadians are pursuing an undergraduate education. A university degree continues to be widely recognized as the surest path to prosperity.

Universities by the numbers

More statistics on Canadian universities and university graduates

“The study-abroad program... was
a gateway to Europe. I’d never travelled
before; I’d never had a global perspective.”
Kayla Carroll, Bachelor of Arts in English and Newfoundland Studies

The Value of a Degree

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The presidents’ perspective

The presidents’ perspective

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